Radio3 v0.48

In this release of Radio3, as an experiment, we send full links to Twitter, not shortened links.

How it happened

I was going to fix a bunch of problems related to link shortening, thereby making the code more complex. But then I remembered, from my experience with Little Pork Chop that these days shortening links doesn't do much, other than hide the URL from the reader, and add another level of indirection. So I tried an experiment to see if it would work if I sent the full link, even if it was very long, and of course it did.

Please watch carefully for any problems, and report them on the list.

Entering posts by-hand

I also tested creating a post by going directly to Radio3 and entering the text and link manually, without using the bookmarklet, and it now works in this mode as well.

Being conservative

For now, we're still generating the short link, you'll see it in the Link column in the history table. But if this stands up, I imagine that will be taken out of the product sometime soon.

Last built: Sun, Sep 7, 2014 at 10:35 AM

By Dave Winer, Sunday, September 7, 2014 at 10:23 AM. Ask not what the Internet can do for you...